Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gay Dads Gain Ad Campaign

One year ago, the photo you see below was posted on Instagram and it went viral you remember?

Photo that went viral. Photo by Instagram

Kordale Lewis (l) and Kaleb Anthony's (r) viral picture which shows them doing their daughter's hair for school in the morning, most certainly "caused an effect" that triggered both positive and negative feelings amongst many Americans; some remarks were endearing while others reeked of homophobia and hate. 

Although this openly gay couple visually shared with Instagram followers their family's daily routine, the hoopla over this picture took on a life of it's own which lead the couple to becoming Nikon's newest campaign for the modern family, and lead Kaleb Lewis, an engineer at AT&T, to writing his personal memoir titled "Picture Perfect?"

As gay marriage continues to take America by storm, same-sex couples raising children isn't a "new" thing -- just new to widespread media that for a long time chose to shun these particular families -- following a societal trend that has been ever changing over the last few years.

Great job Nikon, in choosing this very happy and beautiful family to endorse your products! 

2015 LA

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